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Bree with Max, Zeus and Alli Boxers

My name is Bree Weasner (Life's Abundance Independent Field Rep #10031244), and I am involved with a business that I love. I teach people how to keep their pets healthy and their vet bills low. I also get to meet people from all walks of life and show them how to dramatically increase their incomes. Could you use an extra $100, $200, $500 or even more a month?
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Flint River Ranch Pet Food Company Closes Doors to MLM Distributors

Exciting NEW News February 2017:
Flint River Ranch Purchased by Life's Abundance

Today is a very sad day for me, as I’m sure it is for all other Flint River Ranch distributors. As a distributor of Flint River Ranch dog and cat products since January 30, 2002, I just found out this morning that Flint River Ranch is closing its Multi-Level Marketing doors effective midnight, December 31, 2015.

I have to say this came as a total shock, and an absolutely awful time of the year too, 9 days before Christmas. Of course no time is a good time, but my goodness, this company couldn’t even give its distributors more notice than this?  To lose everything so many have worked so hard for over the years, to have it taken away in a moment's notice!

Here is an excerpt from the letter available to all FRR Distributors dated December 2015:

“The Flint River Ranch Multi-Level Marketing plan has proven unpalatable in its current form and it is time for Flint River Ranch to eliminate the Multi-Level Marketing structure and simplify the commission plan. Effective midnight December 31, 2015 EST, Flint River Ranch will no longer support the existing Multi-Level Marketing structure and will withdraw the Flint River Ranch marketing plan, commission and bonus program. All commissions and/or bonus earned by Qualified FRR ID’s on production prior to start of business January 1, 2016 will be paid as per the existing compensation rate. Starting January 1st, 206, Flint River Ranch will not enroll or renew any Independent Distributors into the old MLM structure nor will Flint River Ranch recognize a “sponsor/distributor” relationship from that date.”

Why am I so sad? Flint River Ranch was the spark that lit my introduction into the wonderful world of internet marketing and a successful career in Network Marketing. As I learned many years ago, I would be very wise to not put all my eggs in the same basket, so I explored other network marketing companies that shared the same passion: helping animals live long and healthy lives via high quality nutrition, and I did find “the one”!

Even though I have remained a Flint River Ranch distributor all these years, I had married my passion with another holistic pet food company, Life’s Abundance, on May 24, 2002. Life’s Abundance has completely changed my life, even better than it was before. I have risen through the ranks to 9 Star (highest rank in Life’s Abundance), and have never felt so complete in a network marketing company as I do today.

I am hoping this letter reaches out to all Flint River Ranch distributors, who are completely devastated and heartbroken this week. I would love to share with you some of my deepest thoughts, listen to you, open my arms and extend my hand to you, and show you this is not the end of the world...because I KNOW this is how you feel! I will share with you how easy it will be for you to carry on with your own passion of teaching pet parents about holistic nutrition, giving the gift of good health and longevity to dogs and cats, and how rewarding it has been for me.

Please take my hand and get to know me…I would love to get to know you!  Call me at 609-607-7580 or e-mail me NOW!